The basics: Dan Smith made his major league debut on baseball cards in 1991. He was the Rangers' No. 1 pick in 1990. In a continuing theme of this Star Rookie subset, most of Smith's cards appear in 1993. Thanks to injury woes, his career was brief, and even though he appeared in the 1995 Topps set, he had retired in 1994.
Card thoughts: Smith is a lanky fellow (he's 6-foot-5). The pitching motion makes him appear to throw side-arm. I don't remember him, so I don't know if he threw side-arm regularly or if it's just the way he delivered a certain pitch.

Backs are important in '93 UD: You can tell the Rangers had high hopes for Smith, that club reputation for hitting over pitching continues to this day. Teaming Smith with Nolan Ryan didn't seem like a stretch at the time, witness this card from the Pacific Nolan Ryan set:

Also, since we're talking notable Dan Smith cards, I can't leave without showing this:

Ideal for helicopter landings.

More from '93: The debut album "Star" by alternative band Belly, was released on this date in 1993. Belly was formed by former Breeders and Throwing Muses member Tanya Donelly, a titan of the '90s alternative scene. Hit songs included "Feed The Tree," "Gepetto" and "Slow Dog." I bought the album on cassette tape, a departure from the CD format I favored then. I think I still have it. No idea if it still plays.


  1. That is one scary haircut! I don't remember this player at all, but his name makes me think of the Key & Peele East-West Bowl. Did he go to BYU by any chance?

  2. I never liked the Bowman cards that showed players in street clothes. Makes it feel like a random photo rather than a baseball card.

  3. Don't remember Dan Smith, but I remember listening to Gepetto. Also... I recently saw that Pacific card either in a blog post or at the online dime box.

  4. Wow...Belly! I haven't thought of that band in ages. "Feed The Tree" was such a great song!

  5. I loved that first Belly album back in the day and still give it a spin from time to time.


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