The basics: Bobby Witt was appearing for the first time as an Oakland A in 1993 sets. He was part of the Aug. 31 deadline deal in 1992 that brought Jose Canseco to the Rangers and sent Witt, Ruben Sierra and Jeff Russell to the A's.
Card thoughts: Witt appeared in just six games for the A's in 1992, so good work getting the photo, Upper Deck.

Backs are important in '93 UD: I got curious and looked up when Bobby Witt Jr. was born in regards to his dad's career. He was born in 2000, which was Witt's second-to-last season.

More from '93: The 1993 Grammy Awards took place on this date with Eric Clapton being the big winner for "Tears in Heaven" (Record of the Year) and "Unplugged" (Album of the Year). Arrested Development won Best New Artist and Tom Waits' "Bone Machine" was Best Alternative Album.


  1. You just know there's a collector out there that collects Chevron signs in the background cards.

  2. Big fan of Arrested Development's debut album. Listened to it a lot back in the 90's... but never really followed them after that. Just went onto Spotify and looks like they've produced a bunch of albums and some of their stuff sounds similar to the stuff I listened to thirty years ago.

  3. "Tears in Heaven" is such a depressing song.


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