The basics: This is the first of three Jay Bell cards in the 1993 Upper Deck set. He appears in two subsets later on.

Card thoughts: I've been interested in Bell's "WE NEED ME" T-shirt since I first saw this card. Were these team-issued? Did Bell have them printed and distributed to his teammates? Did they wear them willingly?

Backs are important in '93 UD: That's an interesting slide by the Braves player (Lemke?) ... Bell was entering his peak-performance year in 1993. It was all downhill from there, although he would win a World Series title in eight years.

More from '93: The live version of Queen's "Somebody To Love" by George Michael and Queen debuted in the Billboard Top 40 this week in 1993. This song is kind of pointless. Just listen to the original.


  1. Man that's such a sharp action shot on the back.

  2. I'm really curious about what the story behind that shirt might be.


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